Risk Takes Sweden


Written by Colin Anderson  Photographs by Pavel Denisenko

Video shot and edited by Pavel Denisenko, color Mikhail Zhavnerchik



There’s something comforting about traveling to a city that you’ve once visited before; familiar but fresh, a place that can feel a little bit like home, but yet has so many new things to offer and experience. The city of Stockholm has seemed to embrace myself and the team of Risk, so when it was time to dive back into preparing for a new issue of the magazine, we thought why not revisit a city that has provided countless inspiration, and in ways acted as a geographical muse for a former issue, Risk III. With that being said, we sought out this time to not only capture the essence of Stockholm, but rather a glimpse of the entire country of Sweden from the Risk point of view. From the archipelagos of Stockholm, the shopping of Gothenburg, to kayaking in the West Coast in the town of Grundsund, Swedish Summer is diverse in more aspects than one.





Summers in Sweden, a place where the sun doesn’t quite go down, making it the ideal time to  the largest city of the region of Scandinavia, and the capital of the country, Stockholm. The cultural hub of the country boasts inciting spots that range from quaint and historical, to a modern metropolis filled with art, high-end design, and endless inspiration. “Stockholm. Where narrow streets meet open minds.”






Often times when I travel, or consider places that I dream I might own a second or third home one day, I struggle to find a place that offers a metro hustle and bustle, while also maintaining a healthy quality of life like the way the city of Stockholm possesses. As a creative millennial, I’m drawn towards big cities that offer opportunity, diversity, nightlife, etc., but at times miss the tranquility of a beach, or the inspiration found at an empty field. Possibly my favorite quality of Stockholm is the feeling I have of achieving both lifestyles seamlessly: from attending appointments at 10, to taking a 20 minute ferry to the island of Fjäderholmarna for lunch, neither comfort or career has to be comprised in a city of opportunity and comfort.



Where To Stay





At Six

Where modern art, dining, and lodge meet to seamlessly provide a comfortable and chic getaway. The 10 floor establishment hosts everything from a restaurant, two expansive bars, event and workspace lounge, to lastly a superb breakfast experience in taste and presentation. The hotel proudly boasts an impressive range of artwork, and infuses many native Swedish artists into its celebrated archive. Greeted by over an 8 foot white marble head cast reigning in the lobby gallery, to hand-blown vessels in each room by Swedish artist and glassmaker Carina Seth Anderson, the boutique dwelling has a standard of luxury, bespoke art, and renowned Scandinavian design. Situated in the heart of Stockholm, easy and walkable access to nightlife, museums, and shopping make this not only a trendy decision, but a practical one.

If you could mashup a Tumblr timeline and turn it into a hotel, it would more than likely produce the extremely detailed and curated Hobo. Hobo, situated directly next to it’s sister hotel At Six, breathes a feel of community and youth that is a standout in a city full of endless accommodations. The atmosphere provides a low-key and no attitude experience, without sacrificing style or originality. The hotel in itself has a lunch and event space that often times become a local hotspot for emerging musicians, artists, and designers as it weekly hosts new talent to take center stage. On weekends, grab a drink and head upstairs for local dj sets, or take the elevator up a few steps away to Tak, an avant-garde Japanese cuisine and local hotspot. Each room offers helpful, essential, and sometimes even quirky items to accommodate guests on their stay: peg walls with information on the city, spare umbrellas to shield from the Summer rain to use during your stay, or a toy water gun simply there for the purpose of being a kid again. Hobo, where urban sophistication resides.




Where To Eat


Brunch at Hotel Skeppsholmen

Brunch at Hotel Skeppsholmen consists of fresh Swedish cuisine, paired with unmatched waterfront and Olde Town Stockholm views, as the hotel sits on a small island located within walking distance of the metropolitan city. The establishment is a mini getaway within itself as you feel somewhat removed from the city noise and crowds, all while getting to enjoy the city from a perspective across the canal.  Small plates and casual strolls along the boardwalk, the Sunday morning we could get used to.

Dinner at Hallwylska

A cocktail and dinner experience that’s anything but understated, head to the former home of Count and Countess Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, now home to one of Stockholm’s most unique and intriguing museums. The restaurant and bar resides in the mansions courtyard as not only an oasis of the home, but of Stockholm. The historic palace completed in 1898 as a “second home” for the couple remains nearly untouched from it’s original state, as even a slice of the couple’s wedding cake is preserved in the home on display. A historic venue, mixed with the lively and fashionable crowd of Stockholm on a Summer evening make Hallwylska a unique experience in taste and sight.

Dinner at Mälarpaviljongen

A hotspot beyond the lights and cuisine, Mälarpaviljongen, a picturesque lakeside restaurant, has created a sphere of love, acceptance, and pride. Active in the LGBTQ community, the spot has created it’s own rose wine label, with proceeds of each bottle being donated to the gay and lesbian rights movement in Uganda. From gardens in full bloom, sail-boats drifting on the water, to even late-night jazz and drag sessions, this summer-only destination offers a diverse mix of entertainment, community, and modern international cuisine.


The avant-garde Japanese infused Tak is a fine dining experience ranging from it’s precise cuisine presentation, to it’s lavish four venues ranging from dining area, multiple bars, and rooftop with a view. With an eco-friendly menu, the venue is proud to serve the best selections from Sweden and the Nordic region to ensure guests not only a flavorful experience, but a sustainable one. When dinner is winding down, the upstairs bar and lounge area has become a prime venue for not only a modern Stockholm crowd, but an international scene.




What To Do


EIC Colin Anderson in Fjäderholmarn wearing LAZOSCHMIDL & Weekday

EIC Colin Anderson in Fjäderholmarn wearing LAZOSCHMIDL & Weekday

Boat to Fjäderholmarna

One of the luxuries of a city such as Stockholm, is the opportunity of boating to one of the many surrounding archipelagos positioned around the city. Catch a local ferry to the small island of Fjäderholmarna for a relaxing lunch, a stroll on the water, or a bite of ice cream at one of the few local stores and shops spread across the quaint getaway. A quick recharge and change of scenery is only a quick detour away in a country with hundreds of islands and mini civilizations to explore.

Vasa Museum

One of the most popular museums in all of Scandinavia, the astonishing Vasa ship built in 1628 stands preserved after being discovered at the bottom of Stockholm Bay for 333 years. The “most powerful“ warship in the Baltic built by Gustav II Adolf sank within minutes of it’s departure of it’s first sail. History stands still at a beautiful but tragic scene in Stockholm’s past.

Junibacken: Astrid Lingred Museum

Nothing revives the inner child like taking a stroll through memory lane into one’s favorite childhood fairytale. Taking a stroll isn’t just a saying in this case, as one boards a “story train” taking you through life sized scenes of the famed authors popular books Mardie, Emil, and Karlsson on the Roof to name a few. Sit back, relax, and take journey.



Lying on the West Coast of Sweden stands a city filled with rich history, timeless art, distinctive shopping, and cuisine options to appease the biggest of foodies. Gothenburg, residing as the second largest city in Sweden, was once known and operated mainly for industrial purposes. With an ever growing emerging artist and indie scene, the city has begun paving a new direction in what it’s known for, and represents. In 48 hours, Risk gives a glimpse of the new countenance of Gothenburg.



Where To Stay




Hotel Pigalle

Rich, decadent, dark and mysterious, Hotel Pigalle is hands down the lodging destination of Gothenburg. Upon entering the hotel, transport to early Paris, throw on a silk robe, and fight the urge to spend the duration of your stay locked away in one of the boutique and one-not-the same lavish suites. A standout in a country full of modern contemporary Scandinavian designs, Pigalle goes bold, luxury, and sexy, and doesn’t apologize for it. 

Breakfast and dinner is a must, and a standard you won’t want to do without. The upstairs dining Atelier conveys a somewhat magical atmosphere while maintaining a maximalist chic approach. Wine, cheese, and everything in between, save the day of modesty for another time. 

If you do decide to venture out from the romantic halls of Pigalle, you are conveniently located in the center of Gothenburg minutes away from Central Station, shopping, and dining. After a day out, take the lift up wishing you “bon voyage”, and unlock the door to a room of cheeky fantasy.



Where To Visit




Home to thousands of various forms of wildlife and plants, Trädgårdsföreningen, the Garden Society of Gothenburg, acts as a retreat centered directly in the cities metropolitan. Impressively free of charge, the lush woodlands hosts various greenhouses, a rock garden, a cafe, and plenty of space to spread out, grab a bite to eat, and read a book.

Gothenburg Museum of Art

Hosting a plethora of Nordic and Swedish artists, to internationally famous artists and painters such as Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Louise Nevelson, the Gothenburg Museum of Art contains six floors of some of the worlds most powerful and talented creatives. Ranging from modern contemporary to early renaissance, the museum has something for the likes of any art appreciator.


The Neighborhood of Magasinsgatan



Possibly a one stop shop for activity, shopping, and dining, the neighborhood of Magasinsgatan, has you more than covered with it’s endless food trucks, coffee shops and cafes, second-hand clothing boutiques, and vintage antique home goods and furniture stores. An extremely walkable neighborhood, and one where every corner tends to be a new discovery, the community has a large hipster and artist vibe, reminiscing of areas such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or Stockholm’s Sodermalm. Relaxed and no-attitude, grab a coffee at Da Matteo, and explore our top Magasinsgatan picks below.


Da Matteo - Morning coffee, brunch, lunch, or just an afternoon pick-me-up, the Swedish based and exclusive coffee company has multiple locations around the city. The Magasinsgatan location sits centrally located in the middle of the neighborhood in a quaint square filled with sociable locals steps away from all the action.

Grandpa - The Scandinavian lifestyle store offers a curated assortment of anything from casual daywear, bags and accessories, to small home goods and vacation takeaways. Taking pride in offering sustainable and durable fashion, shop both new and lightly used goods at Grandpa for an eco-friendly shopping experience.

Artilleriet & Artilleriet Kitchen - Hosting two separate locations a few blocks apart, one focusing on the full home and lifestyle, and the other solely on kitchen, Artilleriet is a one-of-a-kind store with home decor and design. By traveling globally, the store has hand-picked items internationally ranging from furniture, home goods, candles, skin-care, etc., ensuring a unique and personal shopping experience. 

Odd & Raw Interior - A small and cozy antique joint hosting anything from artwork, lighting, to endless home decor inspiration. Don’t let the size of this place fool you, as they’ve got enough items packed into a tiny space to fill a home 10x its size.

Local Food Trucks - Gothenburg is known for it’s food, and street vendor and food trucks are no different in a town known for it’s love of cuisine. Enjoy a Swedish staple, herring, mashed potatoes and lingonberries at Strömmingsluckan, or go for the Japanese infused option Jinx, who also has vegan alternatives. There is always countless food-trucks positioned around the city, and particularly in the neighborhood of Magasinsgatan, some more permanent than others.

West Coast


All along the poetic and charming West Coast of Sweden lies village after village of picturesque once red barn fishing villages, seaside manors, and water view sunsets that just about stop you in your tracks almost any night of the week. City life is a few hour car ride away, yet the quality of life, cultural richness, and open-mindedness remain vigorous in a way that one wouldn’t expect from a “rural” community. A true coastline and recharging getaway, the West Coast offers the duality of comfort, relaxation, beauty, and an outdoor connection with modern amenities.



Where To Stay




Located on the Bohuslän Coast of West Sweden, the unmatched Ladfabriken, meaning, ‘the fish box factory’, stands as a true testament to a one-stop coastal sanctuary. The fully renovated and modernized space took 3 years to refurbish by owners and operators Johan Buskqvist and Marcel van der Eng, who have taken the space from a battered barn, to a voguish abode. Beyond a resting place, an atmosphere has been created for total peace, welcomeness, and tranquility. Made up of four uniquely styled and designed bedrooms, the hotel and B&B offers a quite place to getaway, as well common areas, reading nooks, and expansive veranda space all overlooking the tranquil seaside coast. 

Opt for a 3 course lunch and dinner option, as well as an abundant breakfast, freshly prepared each morning and evening by the hosts using mostly local ingredients practicing environmentally friendly practices and raw materials. A mere 100ft away from the sea, the property is nestled perfectly accessible for swimming, fishing, or taking a kayak out from the premises, and exploring the islands as much as your arms and legs permit. For the inner explorer at heart, Ladfabriken is conveniently located between the coastal villages of Edshultshall and Sollid, both reachable by bicycle, that are also available during the duration of your stay.

A colorful and vivid space, fully submerged and embracing the best that the West Coast has to offer, this is Ladfabriken.



Nestled in the village of Fiskebäckskil, the Gullmarsstrand is the essence of waterfront living. With many rooms being literal feet away from the water with unobstructed ocean views, the hotel has a distinctive and memorable viewpoint from almost any place on the property as its positioned along a jetty overlooking the islands of fjord Gullmarsfjorden.Arguably the highlight of many guests stay is the impressive lux spa and sea bath option available to guests of the Gullmarsstrand. Indulge in two saunas, an outdoor heated bath, a swimming dock for a true aquatic experience, or lounge indoors with a glass of champagne. No matter the choice, your guaranteed an unforgettable view. 

With modern minimalistic rooms, expansive conference and lobby areas, gym, spa, and a fine dining experience, the Gullmarsstrand has positioned itself as a West Coast powerhouse.



What To Do

As probably any Swede would tell you, Summer in Sweden is about embracing the sun and outdoors. The long drury days of Winter have rolled on by, and locals come out in flocks to soak up the best that the West Coast has to offer. Boating, kayaking, swimming, bicycling, fishing, and water-sports to name a few, are some of the obvious but most rewarding activities to do in a region filled with outdoor beauty. The coast is filled with an unprecedented amount of islands to explore and uncover, so save the time for luxury outings and outfits for later, nature has called.

Sculpture In Pilane

Nominated as one of Europe’s Top Ten best sculpture parks, Sculpture In Pilane is a renowned modern contemporary exhibition located on a sheep’s paddock and grave field in Tjorn, Sweden, about an hour outside of Gothenburg. Lush fields and rock gardens displayed next to art created by international artists since it’s opening in 2007, the sculpture park has a mystical yet serene atmosphere. Featuring the works of the famed Magdalena Abakanowicz often displayed at the MOMA Museum, to the statuesque 45 foot tall woman’s head-cast ‘ANNA’ by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, the museums yearly rotating collection keeps attendees visiting on more than one occasion. With hilltops perched high above land and sea level, bring along a picnic, and enjoy the archipelago and sea view.


Kayaking in Grunsund 

Whether your looking for a quick and light-hearted kayaking experience, or a more advanced full or multiple day adventure, there’s something for every skill level and desire. Whether soaking up the charming town of Grundsund by rowing down the canal, or connecting with the cliffs, sea, and nature on a full force excursion, Balanspunkten, Grundsund based kayaking tourism, will make sure to guide you on your way in a self-guided, group, or guided tour. Connect with the outdoors, knockoff the day’s daily workout, and enjoy the view.



Scandinavian Airlines

As any traveler knows, the journey to and from your destination can influence the start, duration, and memory of a trip. Simplifying your flying experience, Scandinavian airlines offers both non-stop direct flights from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco directly to Stockholm. Opting for the SAS Lounge pre-flight, your able to relax, punch out those last minute emails, or simply grab a bite and a glass of wine before hitting the skies. Whether it’s about a 7 hour flight from the East Coast, or an approximate 11 hour journey from LAX, SAS makes for a sensible option in comfort and practicality. Buckle up, next stop is Sweden!


Acting as a country of endless inspiration, check back for the upcoming Risk V, including exclusive editorials, fashion features, and more from the country of Sweden.

-Special Thanks: Visit Sweden