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Kirill Kabachenko in "New Masculinity" by Colin Anderson & Pavel Denisenko




The idea of limitations has never set well with me whether it comes to the way I dress, what’s considered “appropriate”, or the ideal of being placed inside of a “box” and not veering outside of the “status quo”. I frankly have never felt like I fit into any one specificcategory in my attitude and demeanor, and definitely have a broad range of tastes when it comes to my personal aesthetics and wardrobe. I often find myself scrummaging through the women’s department, or taking things I just bought, and altering/customizing them into the piece that I envision them to be due to the fact that I simply cannot find what I’m looking for.

Fortunately, we live in times where the once traditional landscape of menswear is finally beginning to broaden, along with what’s being produced and sought out after by customers like myself. Over time, I found myself searching for designers who were creating pieces for those looking for something different than what currently exists in the often times repetitive menswear industry. Whether it be statement jackets or even undergarments, I feel as though the designers below offer an updated approach for not only myself, but also the Risk man. 


When speaking of a brand that sparks change and a clear vision in the realm of menswear, Copenhagen based designer Henriksilvius immediately comes to mind. Individuality and attitude are encouraged throughout the designer’s collections, and consistently challenge the limited perspective of what’s available for men in today’s society. From structured cropped jackets, to body accentuating cut-outs, the infusion of sex appeal and playfulness can’t be denied. Henriksilvius is the future of the refined and bold man of today.


Designed for the unapologetically bold and sensual, Menagerié intimates celebrates the empowered 21st century man by creating a collection outside of the realm of traditional underwear, nightwear, and swimwear. From detailed sheer lace, to body defining fits and shapes, the brand boasts a seductive flare with a touch of elegance. “Intending to change the way men think about their underwear and how they look in them”, this is Menagerié. 


When I begin to think about a brand that consistently pushes the limits in male sexuality from their clothes to the campaigns, San Diego California based Rufskin always delivers. An approachable but standout collection ranging from denim, sportswear, and swimwear, Rufkin’s clean and body-enhancing aesthetic is apparent in not only in the design process, but the delivery of the brand in its extensive imagery shot by the founders, Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats.The Ruskin man is a timeless yet unapologetic force whether clothed or in different states of undress.

Photography Pavel Denisenko Author & Styling Colin Anderson Model Kirill Kabachenko

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