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'Turbulent' by Elena Cichetti

Embracing life’s turbulence

Turbulent: adjective /ˈtərbyələnt/

1. in which there is a lot of sudden change, confusion, disagreement, and sometimes violence.

2. a series of sudden and violent changes in the direction that air or water is moving in.

If there is something that has characterised this year, it is the turbulent events that we have had to go through. From riots to lockdowns, threats to our mental and physical wellbeing and freedom of oppression - we have lived through it all.

Turbulent showcases the unrestful chaos the world has pushed through during the last twelve months: various lockdowns, loneliness, riots and hateful violence. What are the limits for the human race and how fragile are we when things we take for granted are removed?


“We felt that we had an opportunity and responsibility to represent every issue that has been part of our life lately. When we planned Turbulent, we looked at the different details of the set, models and garments, all to make it reflect the struggle and fight we went through during the last year. The creative team behind this project believes in the importance of reminding people about the present issues that need to be addressed, just as a reminder of this chaotic times,” said Felipe Mendez, creative stylist for Turbulent.


"We cannot read the future, but we can restructure and visualise the present as it is today. "


We cannot read the future, but we can restructure and visualise the present as it is today. Visual imagery, colours and fashion as a form of art is, is used to embody the world as it is, a big, beautiful mess. Instead of focusing on the prospects and the ‘what will it be,’ remember that the future is just a consequence of today’s reality.


“This year has been tumultuous to say the least – With Turbulent, we display how those series of events have affected us in our everyday life. The idea started when some weeks ago I was smoking, next to a train station, a woman next to me asked me for a cigarette. She was reading the paper and turned around, looked at me and said, ‘What an unstable atmosphere we live in.’ After some thought on what she said, I got to the conclusion that Turbulence is a life force. It is an opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change. All this experience really made me feel some sort of hope. Today, more than ever I believe in the value of change.”


Elena Cichetti is a 25-year-old creative based in London. She has been the creative direction and photographer behind this editorial, Cichetti believes in the ‘reflection’ this imagery makes of a current society, where changes are misinterpreted as problems. Thus, these changes must be embraced and understood as valuable knowledge for the future.



In a Risk Magazine exclusive, KEYAH/BLU, Ayo Babatope & Webster Ojara star in 'Turbulent' photographed by Elena Cichetti, styled by Felipe Mendez & Thamiel D’Angelo.

Creative Director & Photographer Elena Cichetti

Stylists Felipe Mendez & Thamiel D'Angelo

Models KEYAH/BLU, Ayo Babatope & Webster Ojara

Set Design Alan Scott

Set Design assistant Faffy McNeil

Hair Dario Jimmy D’elia

Make-up Matilde Ribau

Make-up assistant Camilla Cicci

Words Pablo Donas Editor Jack Goldsmith

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