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'A Moment for Him' featuring Kush Banda by Pavel Denisenko

Here to reclaim a man’s right to beauty and adornment in fashion, MENAGERIÉ presents its line of intimates and formal nightwear. Created to provide an atmosphere of sensual pleasure, MENAGERIÉ hopes that men, no matter the body type, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, embrace this opportunity to get in touch with themselves. Whether this intimate moment is shared or private, its an opportunity to stand confident in their bodies, to be romantic, and feel sexy while enjoying the wonderfully luxurious feel of finest satin, silk and lace on their body.

In a Risk Magazine Online Exclusive, Kush Banda stars in "A Moment for Him" photographed by Pavel Denisenko, wearing MENAGERIÉ throughout.

Photographer Pavel Denisenko

Model Kush Banda

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